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Experience Form and Function with the Aesthetic VERMOE® Steel

Experience Form and Function with the Aesthetic VERMOE® Steel

Having a durable roof for your building is tremendously crucial, and if a customisable roof that matches your style is your priority, VERMOE® steel is an excellent choice to consider. The material is not only resilient but also visually stunning, with clean and simple lines and a textured look that can add subtle but special effects to the building.

Easily the preferred building material for architects, continue reading to learn more about VERMOE® steel along with its benefits. Without further ado, let’s start by understanding the basics of VERMOE® steel!

What is VERMOE® Steel?

Manufactured by BlueScope, one of the world’s leading steel solutions providers, VERMOE® steel provides an exquisite and robust textured appearance and a contemporary finish for modern homes. To cater to your unique design styles, VERMOE® steel is available in multiple forms and colours, delivering strong, durable, and aesthetically stunning results.

What is VERMOE® Steel

For instance, one of our residential projects, Anggun 3, uses VERMOE® steel to deliver a modern, sleek, and elegantly minimalist appearance. VERMOE® steel serves as a stellar metal roofing solution, combining style and function to develop striking structures that withstand the harshest Malaysian weather.

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6 Benefits of Using VERMOE® Steel

Undoubtedly, there is a myriad of benefits of using VERMOE® steel for your project, regardless of its scale or scope. Below are six reasons why you should opt for VERMOE® steel:

1. Ideal For Residential & Commercial Buildings

With more than 100 manufacturing facilities in 17 countries globally, BlueScope has showcased its credibility in developing striking structures for varying purposes. As a building owner, you can rest easy knowing that VERMOE® steel can withstand Malaysia’s hot and humid climate while elevating your building design to the next level.

A great way to realise your urban building design, VERMOE® steel is forged with quality so you can make a statement with outstanding texture and long-term performance. Also, this particular steel solution offers enhanced versatility to produce captivating and stylish designs.

2. Advanced REFLECᵀᴹ Technology

Supported by Bluescope’s advanced REFLECᵀᴹ technology, VERMOE® steel is a versatile and quality roof material that will help your building occupants to stay cool and comfortable in Malaysia’s hot weather. You may be wondering, how does this work?

Well, utilising the reliable REFLECTᵀᴹ technology, VERMOE® steel reflects infrared (IR) rays and adds insulation in hot weather. As a result, this reduces your reliance on air conditioning to keep your building cool.

3. Fine Wrinkle Finishing

For those who value a building’s design, VERMOE® steel might just be the thing you’re looking for. Made from a corrosion-resistant material with a specially developed paint system, VERMOE® steel provides a fine wrinkle finish that enhances your roof’s beauty and overall aesthetic.

A perfect blend of contemporary and vernacular, the steel delivers a one-of-a-kind architectural solution that is sure to amaze your senses. Its textured presence further amplifies its top coat feature so that you can enjoy a timeless and sleek appearance.

4. Enhanced Performance & Longevity

Incorporated with BlueScope’s proprietary metallic coating technology ZINCALUME® aluminium/zinc alloy coated steel, VERMOE® steel flaunts a proven track record for performance and longevity. Furthermore, the material has been tested to deliver remarkable corrosion resistance and weathering performance under varied conditions, ensuring long service life even in harsh environments.

Developing only the best coated steel roofing solution, VERMOE® steel includes BlueScope’s embedded branding text as a testament to its unparalleled quality. Even better, the VERMOE® steel roof is backed by a variety of warranties from BlueScope for your peace of mind.

5. Unique Proprietary Paint System

Developed by BlueScope’s Product Innovation Centre (PIC), its unique proprietary paint system uses optimum paint formulation and pigment blends to ensure long-term colour stability, gloss durability, and better delamination resistance for your roof.

What’s more, its colours allow you the ultimate freedom and creativity to achieve architectural perfectionism. Thus, you can develop a memorable design with exceptional quality that will last you a lifetime.

6. Sophisticated Colour Options

As a material of choice for architects, VERMOE®steel boasts an array of colour options. Due to this, the premium VERMOE® steel creates a beautiful, practical and modern building that promises incredible durability, resistance, and sustainability.

You can choose from a variety of colours to elevate the allure of your building, including:

  • Thunder Grey
  • Nature Green
  • Dazzling Black
  • Alluring Brown

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Create Stunning Designs with VERMOE® Steel

VERMOE® steel is a great option for your building to stand out from the crowd, as its unique surface provides an excellent opportunity for more amazing designs. Not to forget, the VERMOE® steel roof is also as strong as it is beautiful, with great colour stability and exceptional corrosion resistance, which helps to create a lasting impression.

At Swissma, we strive to deliver impeccable service as well as high-quality roofing and cladding products for your building. To know more about our offerings, feel free to explore our product catalogues and the wide range of material options we deliver.