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A Quick Guide to ZINCALUME® Roofs: What You Need to Know

A Quick Guide to ZINCALUME® Roofs-What You Need to Know

Stronger and more durable than conventional galvanised steel, ZINCALUME® steel is becoming a more popular option for coated metal roofing nowadays. A ZINCALUME® steel roof provides exceptional assurance against time as well as harsh and corrosive environments.

Here, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of ZINCALUME® steel and its numerous benefits. Without further ado, let’s begin by dissecting the main features of a ZINCALUME® steel roof.

What are ZINCALUME® Steel Roofs?

The highly durable ZINCALUME® steel roofs have been specifically designed, manufactured, and trademarked by BlueScope, a world-leading steel manufacturer. This premium aluminium-zinc alloy coated steel comprises 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc, and 1.5% silicon with optimum microstructure to deliver unsurpassed corrosion resistance performance.

Since its introduction in Australia in 1976, more than 5,000 ZINCALUME® steel panels have been tried and tested in real-world conditions. The series of testing is essential in developing a reliable coated steel material that is able to provide superior weathering performance and excellent resistance against corrosion with long-lasting performance.

ZINCALUME® steel’s unique proprietary surface treatment technology, guaranteed material strength and strict standards of metallic alloy coating process are the sources of assurance for its consistent and long-term durability.

4 Benefits of ZINCALUME® Steel Roofs

4 Benefits of ZINCALUME® Steel Roofs

To help you decide whether ZINCALUME® steel is the best option for you, we’ve compiled four of its main benefits below:

1. Corrosion-Resistant

Made to last, ZINCALUME® steel offers utmost durability and resilience. Effectively protecting your roofing system against corrosion and surface marking, ZINCALUME® steel enables your roof to maintain its lustrous appearance. It also delivers robust performance and increases its overall longevity. 

Furthermore, ZINCALUME® steel has been proven to last for decades. Backed by countless laboratory and exposure testing, this coated steel solution allows your roof to remain stunning for decades.

The following image is an example of how ZINCALUME® steel roofs age, after years of exposure to an industrial environment. It can clearly be seen that ZINCALUME® steel delivers superior durability over time in comparison to GI steel:


2. Long Lifespan

Incorporating BlueScope’s proprietary metallic coating technology and stringent manufacturing guidelines, ZINCALUME® steel is recognised globally for withstanding the test of time. Even today, ZINCALUME® steel is widely perceived as one of the most robust materials in the building and construction industries.

With a lifetime of up to four times that of galvanised steel, ZINCALUME® steel will certainly provide you peace of mind with its enhanced corrosion-resistant properties. In addition, it requires minimal maintenance and is recyclable, which subsequently minimises maintenance costs and mitigates severe environmental impact.

3. Weather-Resistant

Similar to other BlueScope products, ZINCALUME® steel went through extensive research and development processes to ensure product quality and performance. It is also tested under the most extreme outdoor condition, so you can confidently enjoy utmost protection against external, corrosive elements.

Equipped with BlueScope’s advanced proprietary surface treatment, ZINCALUME® steel offers unparalleled weathering performance. Its capabilities extend to surface marking resistance, such as handling & foot traffic marks during the installation of roofing sheets. This technology lies in the clear resin coating applied onto its surface.

4. Excellent Flexibility

Not only are ZINCALUME® steel roofs durable, but they are also flexible in nature. Together with Swissma’s variegated roofing profiles, you can easily create roofing design that suits your architectural and aesthetic needs. As such, ZINCALUME® steel is an ideal coated steel solution for a roofing system that demands design flexibility.

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Engage Swissma’s Reliable Coated Steel Solutions

Roofs are an important feature of your building. Thus, it’s best to ensure your roof is made from the best material possible. Complete with patented technology and a number of proven case studies, ZINCALUME® steel is one of the many material options that you can consider to ensure visually appealing and good-functioning roofing.

As Malaysia’s leading roofing and cladding specialist, Swissma provides bespoke end-to-end roofing and wall cladding solutions to satisfy your unique needs. We provide total solution services for ZINCALUME® steel roofing and cladding systems. Also, feel free to check out our past projects that involve ZINCALUME® steel and other metal materials.