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FM Approved Roofing Membrane in Malaysia: TPO/PVC Membrane

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What is an FM Approved Roof in Malaysia

FM approvals are based on the entire roofing system, including everything from the deck to the top layer of the roof. Each item needs to be approved several times before receiving the globally recognised FM Approved roof mark.

FM approved roofs in Malaysia need to go through the following tests: fire testing, wind-uplift testing, hail-damage testing, accelerated weathering, water leakage, foot traffic, and corrosion resistance. Incorporating sustainable building practices is also required for a roof to be FM approved.

FM Approved Roofing Membrane in Malaysia: TPO/PVC Membrane

Our TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) single-ply membranes are the perfect solution for treating low pitch or flat roofs with numerous openings. 

Its high flexibility allows the membrane to be easily moulded around openings, with its joints fixed by a hot-air welding method or proprietary adhesive, creating a water-tight treatment.

Moreover, this FM Approved membrane roof system can be further customised by our competent team to meet any thermal and acoustic requirements, including having it air-tight. Thus, making it a prevalent roof system among foreign investors.

FM Approved Roof System in Malaysia (Mechanically Fixed Roof System)

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FM Approved Roof FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

By utilising a proven worldwide certification process backed by scientific research, FM Approvals for roofs involves rigorous testing on roofs in Malaysia to verify that loss prevention standards of quality, technical integrity and performance are met.

FM approved roofs in Malaysia must pass the five-step approval process to be issued the internationally-recognised FM mark that signifies they have been tested and approved. The certification is provided by FM Approvals who is a leading global third-party testing and certification service for commercial and industrial property loss prevention products and services.

Having FM approved roofs guarantees greater longevity and signifies that the roofing systems have been through rigorous testing to ensure they will perform as intended. Ultimately, FM approvals provide a standardised way for contractors, builders, and manufacturers to determine that roofing systems are meeting the highest levels of safety and resilience. Earning the status of FM approved roofs in Malaysia also helps property owners prevent significant losses.

Manufacturers have to subject their roofing systems to a five-step process to earn the FM approved roof mark. The first step is the request for FM Approval. Secondly, a proposal by FM Approvals is issued and awaits authorisation from the manufacturer. Next is the review, testing, and first audit phase.

The fourth step is where a report is prepared and reviewed for approval before the roofing system receives the FM approved roof mark. All FM Approved roofing assemblies in Malaysia will be listed in the FM Approvals web-based software. Finally, manufacturing facilities must undergo surveillance audits to maintain their FM Approved roof status.

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