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Klip Lok Metal Roof Malaysia

Swissma provides tailored solutions for Klip Lok metal roofing in Malaysia.
Our unique approach and relentless pursuit of excellence have garnered us multiple awards over our 47 years in the roofing industry.
We take pride in serving every customer in need of reliable Klip Lok metal roofing systems in Malaysia.

Klip Lok Metal Roofing Company Malaysia

About Swissma Building Technologies

Swissma Building Technologies is Malaysia’s leading solutions provider for roof and wall cladding systems in Shah Alam, Selangor. 

Our wide range of expertise includes everything from technical support to fabrication and installation of our very own Swissma SANKO wall cladding and Klip Lok metal roofing sheets. 

We specialise in providing customised solutions that also meet acoustical (STC value), thermal (U-value), architectural, and sustainable design requirements.

Klip Lok Metal Roofing System

Efficient Klip Lok Metal Roof in Malaysia

An advanced metal roofing system, Klip Lok sheets are incredibly strong and durable. Klip Lok metal roofing systems are rising in demand as it offers numerous advantages. 

Swissma proudly offers our sleek SANKO metal roofing series that is not only affordable but also versatile and extremely easy to install.

What is Klip Lok Metal Roofing

Made of high tensile steel, Klip Lok roof sheets are designed for flat roofs between 0-1 degrees in incline. They are fixed with clips from underneath instead of screws from the top like most traditional metal roof sheets. 

Recognisable by its bold rib extending upwards from the pans, Klip Lok roofing offers superior waterproof qualities and accommodate thermal changes well.

Benefits of Klip Lok Metal Roof in Malaysia

Strongest Profile

The Klip Lok metal roofing profile is made of either Zincalume®, a high-end coated steel, or the premium pre-painted steel, Colorbond®. Both types of steel have exceptional strength and durability.

Zero Roof Leakage

Since no piercing is needed, the Klip Lok roofing uses special clips to fasten the panels into place. This eliminates any possibility of roof leakage. Its unique ribs come with an anti-capillary side lap that further safeguards the roof from leaking.

Better Uplift Performance

The Klip Lok’s fixed-on clips easily hold uplift pressure to the base purlin and prevent roof decks from detaching from the supporting structure. This roofing material creates a weather-resistant seal while maintaining normal thermal expansion and contraction.

No More Step Joint and End Laps

The Klip Lok’s low profile system retains the long smooth lines that do wonders for the roof space’s appearance. There are no step joints and end laps with an on-site roll forming facility.


This metal roofing material is also affordable and easy to install. This feature effectively reduces the amount of manpower required, lowering the labour cost.

Klip Lok Metal Roofing Solution Provider

Why Choose Swissma

As Malaysia’s leading solutions provider for roof and wall cladding systems, Swissma strives to ensure all our customers receive nothing but excellence when it comes to Klip Lok metal roofing services. 

Our renowned expertise and cutting-edge innovations allow us to understand and meet each customer’s unique requirements consistently. 

Our compliance with the Malaysian Standard Code of Practice ensures sustainability in our designs, making us the preferred choice for Klip Lok metal roofing in Malaysia.

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Klip Lok Metal Roofing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Klip Lok roofing in Malaysia is typically made from Colorbond® steel or Zincalume® steel. Colorbond® steel comes with THERMATECH™ technology that utilises reflective principles to help roofs and buildings stay cooler. This feature can even help reduce annual cooling and energy consumption by up to 15%.

The special anti-capillary side-lap of Klip Lok metal roofing allows it to be used on roof pitches from as low as 1° (1 in 50) for 0.48 and 0.60 BMT, and 2° for 0.42 BMT.

When walking on Klip Lok metal roofing, be sure to keep your weight evenly distributed over the soles of both feet. Using smooth soft-soled shoes is ideal as they don’t pick up small objects that could damage the roof.