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Metal Wall Cladding Malaysia

Swissma provides tailored solutions for metal wall cladding in Malaysia.
We take pride in serving every customer in need of modern and sustainable metal wall cladding in Malaysia.

Metal Wall Cladding Company Malaysia

About Swissma Building Technologies

Swissma Building Technologies is Malaysia’s leading solutions provider for roof and metal wall cladding systems in Shah Alam, Selangor. 

Our wide range of expertise includes everything from technical support to fabrication and installation of our very own Swissma SANKO wall cladding sheets. 

We specialise in providing customised solutions that also meet acoustical (STC value), thermal (U-value), architectural, and sustainable design requirements.

Metal Wall Cladding Solution

Multi-Purpose Metal Wall Cladding in Malaysia

Not just for protecting a building’s structure, a reliable metal wall cladding can provide a wide range of benefits. Its many purposes make metal wall cladding the superior method of protection.

Swissma proudly offers our sleek SANKO metal wall cladding series that is not only affordable but also versatile and extremely easy to install.

What is Metal Wall Cladding

The term “cladding” refers to the covering or coating of building materials with an additional layer. This process enhances the appearance of the building and strengthens it structurally. Usually aluminium or steel, metal wall cladding is the most popular and beneficial form of cladding in Malaysia for a number of reasons.

Advantages of Metal Wall Cladding in Malaysia


While it is more common to see metal wall cladding on the outside of buildings, they can also be used indoors as a standout feature wall.


Highly aesthetic with its sleek and modern feel, metal wall cladding instantly transforms a plain building into a work of art. Colorbond has cutting-edge paint technology that allows various colour options to suit different tastes.


Metal wall cladding is extremely durable and is designed to withstand harsh Asian climates. Unlike concrete, it is fire-resistant, corrosion-resistant and mould-resistant.

Improved Insulation

Metal wall cladding can improve a building’s thermal insulation properties, maintaining cool temperatures despite the hot Malaysian weather. The density of steel plates also makes it an excellent acoustic insulating material, creating a barrier between the building’s interior and exterior area.


Since it’s made of metal, this type of wall cladding is recyclable. Metals like steel can be melted again and turned into new cladding materials.

Low Maintenance

Compared to wood, stone, and painted surfaces, metal wall cladding requires very low maintenance. Wood cladding requires wood finishes every two to three years to extend its lifespan.

Leading Metal Wall Cladding Solution Provider

Why Choose Swissma

As Malaysia’s leading solutions provider for roof and wall cladding systems, Swissma strives to ensure all our customers receive nothing but excellence when it comes to metal wall cladding services. 

Our renowned expertise and cutting-edge innovations allow us to understand and meet each customer’s unique requirements consistently. 

Our metal wall cladding sheets are also in compliance with the Malaysian Standard Code of Practice, ensuring sustainability in our designs and materials.

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Metal Wall Cladding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

A vital reason why metal wall claddings are used in Malaysia is the added layer of protection it provides to a building. They safeguard internal building materials from harsh weather and aids in stabilising the building structure as a whole.

The most common metals used for cladding include zinc, copper, stainless steel, and aluminium.

Depending on the quality of the product, stainless steel metal wall cladding can last up to 80 years, while zinc survives about 60 years before needing a replacement. Galvanised steel is highly resistant to corromakession and may form metal wall cladding that lasts up to 170 years.