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Colorbond Malaysia

Partnering with BlueScope, Swissma provides the reputable Colorbond steel in Malaysia.
Our use of this premium colour-baked steel in numerous projects have resulted in stunning aesthetics and durability like no other.

Made from Colorbond Steel

About Swissma Building Technologies

Swissma Building Technologies is Malaysia’s leading solutions provider for roof and wall cladding systems in Shah Alam, Selangor. 

Our wide range of expertise range from technical support to fabrication and installation of roofing systems and wall panels made from the revolutionary Colorbond steel. 

We specialise in providing customised solutions that also meet acoustical (STC value), thermal (U-value), architectural, and sustainable design requirements.

Colorbond Malaysia:
Steel Forged To Last

Stunning and highly durable, Colorbond steel has become the standard for steel with superior quality. This steel is a smart innovation that even has significant sustainability features.

The perfect material for sturdy roof systems, Colorbond is Swissma’s choice material for lasting and beautiful results.

What is Colorbond Malaysia

Colorbond is a durable and versatile premium coated steel known for its sustainable qualities and aesthetic appeal. It is commonly used for roofing and walling applications. 

Incorporating Australian R&D, Colorbond combines the robust aluminium-zinc alloy-coated steel with BlueScope’s exclusive Thermatech® paint system technology to meet the need for thermal efficiency in Malaysia.

Benefits of Colorbond Steel in Malaysia


Coated with Zincalume®, an Aluminium/Zinc alloy coated steel substrate, Colorbond steel offers superior weathering performance even under harsh weather conditions. It exhibits excellent sacrificial and durable barrier protection, making Colorbond steel four times more effective against corrosion than galvanised steel.

Stylish & Durable Colours

Manor Red and Classic Cream are among the two most popular colours from Colorbond. There is little need for repainting Colorbond steel as the colours are bonded to the material, and they are highly resistant to chipping, cracking and peeling. The elegant colours do not fade easily and have excellent long-term colour stability.

Clean Technology

BlueScope’s Clean Technology prevents dirt particles from bonding to the Colorbond steel’s surface, making it easy for rainfall to clean the surface. This feature allows for minimal maintenance and results in greater longevity of the steel’s flawless appearance.


BlueScope’s Thermatech® solar reflectance technology combined with Colorbond steel delivers superior thermal performance. It effectively lowers the heat transmitted through the roof into the living area, resulting in greater comfort and reduced cooling expenses.

Colorbond Steel Solution Provider

Why Choose Swissma

As Malaysia’s leading solutions provider for roof and wall cladding systems, Swissma offers Colorbond, which combines innovative technology and superior strength to ensure our customers receive premium construction materials to turn their blueprint designs into a splendid reality. 

Our renowned expertise and cutting-edge innovations allow us to understand and meet each customer’s unique requirements consistently. 

Our use of Colorbond steel is also in compliance with the Malaysian Standard Code of Practice, ensuring sustainability in our designs and materials.

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Colorbond FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Colorbond steel is made of Zincalume core and incorporated with a metallic coating technology which includes 55.0% aluminium, 43.5% zinc, and 1.5% silicon and a minimum coating class of AZ150.

Colorbond premium steel is known to be durable and lasts for a very long time. It is also resistant to harsh weather and is highly thermal efficient, which results in more comfortable temperatures indoors and a lower cooling expense. All these reasons and more make Colorbond an ideal metal roofing material in Malaysia.

If you maintain it properly, you can expect your Colorbond roof to last 30-45 years in Malaysia. Naturally low maintenance, Colorbond steel only requires a simple wash with water once in a while.