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Metal Deck Roof Malaysia

Swissma provides tailored solutions for metal deck roofing in Malaysia.
With renowned metal deck roofing services and over 47 years of unrivalled expertise,
we are set to take the global roofing industry by storm.  

Metal Roof Company Malaysia

About Swissma Building Technologies

Swissma Building Technologies is Malaysia’s leading solutions provider for roof and wall cladding systems in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Our wide range of expertise includes everything from technical support to fabrication and installation of our very own Swissma SANKO wall cladding and metal deck roofing panels. 

We specialise in providing customised solutions that also meet acoustical (STC value), thermal (U-value), architectural, and sustainable design requirements.

Metal Roofing Malaysia

Durable Metal Deck Roof in Malaysia For Style and Support

Metal deck roof panels play an integral role in a building’s structure as they serve as a durable platform for installing roofing materials, waterproof membranes, and lightweight concrete. The corrugated panels also provide support for insulation. 

Swissma proudly offers our sleek SANKO metal deck roofing series that is not only affordable but also versatile and extremely easy to install.

Types of Metal Deck Roofing We Provide

Swissma SANKO Astana® AS760

Swissma SANKO Grip Deck®

Swissma SANKO Grip Deck® 3-Pan

Suitable for all types of roofing and cladding uses, the Swissma SANKO Astana ® AS760 is a versatile profile ideal for industrial, commercial, or residential projects.

This metal deck roofing has long panels capable of covering large areas efficiently. Strong and low in mass, it gives a sleek look suitable for low pitch roofs.

Wider than the original grip deck, the Swissma SANKO Grip Deck® 3-Pan offers the same refined roofing profile that reflects a timeless, appealing design. Installing this metal deck roofing sheet does not require roof punctures which eliminates the possibility of roof leakage

Swissma SANKO Roof Deck®

Swissma SANKO S-60®

Swissma SANKO Seamlock®

Ideal for low and high roof pitches, the Swissma SANKO Roof Deck® boasts a bold and strong profile. Its deep corrugations also make this metal deck roofing system an efficient rain gutter.

Easily recognisable due to its “V” pattern, this metal deck roofing sheet can span far at a low pitch. Smooth and elegant, the Swissma SANKO S-60® effortlessly accentuates rooftops with its graceful peaks.

A long-span metal roofing system, the Swissma SANKO Seamlock® has a unique concealed fixing installation method that doesn’t require fastening bolts on the roof surface. Instead, this distinctive metal deck roofing system uses a revolutionary seaming machine to lock and seal each side lap.

Swissma SANKO Sinusoidal

Swissma SANKO SK Rib 38®

Swissma SANKO Speed Deck®

When installed, the wave pattern of the Swissma SANKO Sinosoidal metal deck roofing sheets will contrast the usually flat building envelopes beautifully. It is an ideal choice for those who desire a modern and sleek appearance for a building’s exterior.

Allowing bolting on its 38mm height crest, the Swissma SANKO SK Rib 38®  has superior rainwater discharge properties at a very low gradient. This metal deck roofing system is certified by FM Approvals as a profile compliant to the highest safety and property loss prevention standards.

Ideal for roofing and cladding, this metal deck roofing system has a bold appearance and is one of the fastest roofing systems to install.

Leading Metal Roofing Solution Provider

Why Choose Swissma

As Malaysia’s leading solutions provider for metal roofing, Swissma strives to ensure all our customers receive nothing but excellence when it comes to our metal deck roofing services. 

Our unmatched expertise and cutting-edge innovations allow us to understand and meet each customer’s unique requirements consistently. 

Our compliance with the Malaysian Standard Code of Practice ensures sustainability in our designs, making us the preferred choice for metal deck roofing in Malaysia.

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Metal Roofing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Metal decking is metal sheeting with a series of parallel ridges meant for roofing or flooring applications. Metal roof decking is supported by steel joists or beams and has high strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal as a platform for a metal roof.  

Since metal deck roofing systems involve waterproofing membranes instead of standing seam sheets, there is no need for clips. Therefore, installing the metal deck roofing sheets is much quicker now that the weight of the construction materials has been reduced. Although frequent maintenance is needed, using a waterproofing membrane effectively decreases the overall construction costs.

Aluminium is known for being a vibrant and cost-effective choice for metal deck roofing. Titanium zinc and stainless steel are also preferred materials for their durability and versatility.